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Now go DEEPER with the 11 Authors of the #1 Bestselling Book - in these Revealing Interviews.  PLUS! 22+ Love Experts Join in and Open your heart, Show you how to Lovingly Transform Conflict, Create a Sensual Connection with your Partner, Enjoy Sacred Sex and even How to Be a Powerful Player ina Power Couple!
Meet the #1 Bestselling Authors & Love Experts 

Alain Torres
“The Power Couple’s Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Team:  Secrets to Authentic Power through the Domains of Work, Play, and Love”

Lana Baumgartner
“Making Sensual Love in the Kitchen”

“How to Turn Conflict into Connection”


“50 Shades of Conscious Sexuality: The Cosmic Dance of Sex, Love, and Awakening”

Lucia Nicola Evans
“The Power of Authentic Relating”

Kristina Shumilova
“Staying True to Your Own Heart Moving on from love that didn’t work out”

Deborah Nielsen
“The Dance of Love”

Joni Young
“A Story of True Love…”

Dr. Sky Blossoms
“How to Open Your Heart to True Love”

Christine Dunn
“The Quest for Conscious Love: A Lesbian Perspective”

Dr. Elena Estanol
“Alchemy of Love: Find the Key to keeping your Bank Account Flowing, Your Body Glowing  & Your Business Growing”

Michelle Manning-Kogler
“Transformational Healer”

Allana Pratt
“Intimacy Expert - Sexy, Sacred, Feminine Power”

Mali Apple 
Joe Dunn
"Authors, Relationship Coaches, Lovers, and Best Friends"

Divine Kika
"Love Coach"

Jonathan & Heike Hudson
"Sex Educators & Sexual Healers"

P.J. Dixon
“Love Guru”

Sandy Weiner
"TEDx speaker, dating Coach, and Motivational Speaker"

Nikki Jade
“Life mentor”

Brian "B.J." Kang
“Professional Coach

Tandy Elisala
“Success Coach, HuffPost Blogger, #1 International Bestselling Author”

Marina Ormes
“RN, HN-BC uses astrology, guided meditation, and soul purpose coaching”

Lawrence Lanoff
“Street wise, sex positive, spiritually oriented life Coach

Gaby & Raj Sundra
"Founder/Owner at Relationship Fun & Games"

Gina Ogden
“An Award -Winning Sex Therapist , Family Therapist, Researcher, and Teacher"

Ruth L. Schwartz & Michelle Murrain
“Life Partners and The Co-Founders of Conscious Girlfriend.”

Tilde Guajardo
“Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of Womanars”

Carl Logrecco
"Founder of Epic Factor for Men"

Dallas Michael Cyr
“Transformational Life Guide, Conscious Business Coach and Spoken word artist”

Liz Nierzwicki
"Author and Founder of figureFIT!"

Lynda Nguyen
“Confidence Coach and Corporate Trainer"

Tim Matthews
“Founder of The Powerful Man”

Liz Nierzwicki
"Author and Founder of figureFIT!"

Lynda Nguyen
“Confidence Coach and Corporate Trainer"

Tim Matthews
“Founder of The Powerful Man”

Ayanna Mojica
"Priestess of Power and Wealth"

BlissLife Press Publishers

Christopher Sherrod

Nan Akasha

Ready to Break that Cycle of Repeating the Same Relationship Again and Again?
Seeking a Love of a Higher Quality you have only Dreamed of? 

Conscious Love Relationships On FIRE! 
 Explore New Paradigms in Love the LIVE Stream Conversation with 
11 Love Experts who Reveal Their Secrets to Conscious Love! 

What if the love that didn’t work for you was actually just the
training ground for the conscious love you were really meant to have in your life? 

What if the heavy weight of a relationship that just isn’t
working could be lifted off your shoulders forever? 

What if the cure to depression was as simple as
passionate love-making?

What if food, money and sex were all connected in unexpected ways? 

What if the way to connection was through conflict? 

How would your life change if your dried-up old,
non-existent sex life was suddenly wild, wet and rejuvenated again? 

What if the secret to the type of conscious relationship you’ve
been waiting for all these years lay in the pages of this book …

Wouldn’t you want to find out? 

The system and paradigms around Intimate Relationships
are changing. We are approaching a time in our
history where massive changes in consciousness are challenging
our visions of what is possible in relationships.

Men and Women are unsatisfied with themselves,
with each other and with what they create together,
and often, desperately unhappy as well. 

It is time for new paradigm thinking, and these soul-based experts
in conscious relationships are leading the conversation. 

Join us Today and Get Ready to Open your heart,
Lovingly Transform Conflict, Create a Sensual Connection with your Partner,
Enjoy Sacred Sex and even Become a Power Couple!

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